Questions to Ask Potential Custom Home Builder

You may be wondering when the ideal time is to start calling and asking them questions as you prepare to meet in-person with your shortlist of possible custom home builders. Well, you’ve got to interview them after you start the design phase with your architect or right before that. You can guarantee that the design of your house and your budget stay aligned throughout the process if you bring in the builder early.  


After you have narrowed your list of home builders in Chesapeake VA down to your top 3 or 4, there are a couple of questions you should ask during the interview.  

How Long Does It Take for You to Create an Estimate for My House? 

For those who don’t know, a specific budget estimate could take around 3-4 weeks. On the other hand, an initial estimate could take around 6-7 days. You’ve got to ensure you ask why if the builder believes it will take longer than that. You might have a very complicated house design which will reasonably take longer than a couple of weeks to estimate. Also, they might be overloaded. This can be a bad sign that your home will not obtain enough attention if you pick a busy builder.  

What Is Your Estimating Process About? Can You Ensure That the Budgets Are Precise? 

When it comes to this question, you’ve got to listen carefully to the builder. You’ve got to ensure that the estimating process of the builder is very thorough. Their initial estimate would greatly depend on historical hard expenses, aside from the existing pricing on the market. Thus, you need to feel self-assured in their expertise and experience when it comes custom home building. Their specific budget estimate will greatly be based on the subcontractors in the network of the builder and the hard bids from vendors. You’ve got to ensure that a couple of bids will be secured from professional subcontractors and that those bids will be examined to ensure they’re complete. You’ve got to ensure that the team of the builder does not compromise when it comes to quality and budget.  

Do You Have Experience Building the Quality and Style of the House I desire? 

This is very crucial since every home style presents special challenges. You’ve got to feel confident that the builder will not be trying something new on your home construction project. He should rather apply a huge range of knowledge and lessons that he learned from the same houses he has constructed in the previous years.  

You should avoid a builder who will use your house as a test for their skills.  

How Close Do You Work with the Interior Designer and Architect? 

You’ve got to hire a builder who selects a cooperative partnership with your interior designer and architect. This will avoid miscommunications that could result in additional expenses, schedule delays, and unnecessary tension. In addition to that, if you listen to how they approach the relationship with other members of the team will provide you an idea as to how they will work with you.