Does your home have a deck? Are you planning to build one? This can actually add value to your house and improve your outdoor living area.  


Installing a deck with the help of a professional is a great investment. However, if you want your investment to last for years, it’s important that you take good care of it.  

One of the ideal ways to improve the lifespan of your wood deck is with proper deck maintenance. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to maintain your deck and how pressure washing in Chesapeake VA can help. 

Regularly Clean the Deck 

Your deck is exposed constantly to the elements. Thus, it is vital to clean up debris, branches and leaves that collect. Else, they will rot and stain the wood.  

If you use a huge push broom to sweep off any water puddles after rain, you can easily avoid water damage. You can also do this with accumulated snow. Clear it off gently using a plastic shovel if you get a lot of snow.  

Pick the Correct Sealant 

You’ve got to seal the wood. This will keep the wood from cracking, cupping, or warping. Typically, the ideal choice that will last longer is a clear sealant. You might also opt for a stain or a tinted sealant. However, these options will probably fade in no time if your deck gets a lot of foot traffic.  

Using varnish, lacquer, or paint rather than the sealer is one mistake to avoid. The issue is that each of these will simply leave a film on the wood instead of penetrating it. These finishes would appear excellent if you put them on at first. However, the cracking and peeling will appear horrible as they wear.  

Also, it’s a great move to choose synthetic sealant since oil-based products might attract mildew and algae. Make sure you do this if you want to protect your wood from UV rays. 

Pressure Wash Your Deck at Least Every 6 Months 

It is important to clean your deck thoroughly at least every 6 months. Pressure washing the wood acts as a natural exfoliate element. It helps the protective sealers penetrate deep into the wood. This will help protect your deck. 

There are a lot of advantages if you use pressure washing on your deck. First, pressure washing helps to manage microbes that enable mildew and mold to grow on the wood of your deck. If you do this during the spring season, you can easily get rid of any salt and dirt that has collected over the winter season. 

It is vital to be wary when using a pressure washer. The reason for this is that if you aren’t experienced in using it, you can gouge the wood accidentally with the water spray intensity. You should think about hiring an expert if you aren’t 100% confident that you can use a pressure washer 

The service is typically affordable. It is also worth the peace of mind knowing that the deck is cleaned and would last for a lot of years.